About Denny Coburn

Director, Barnabas Ministries


Denny Coburn was born in Ironton, Ohio where he graduated from Ironton High School.  He was active in football, basketball, art, drama, mixed chorus, and many other extra curricular activities.  He joined the U.S. Air Force and served for four years in the United States, and Japan.  He married Shirley Orr from Marion, OH and they have two sons, Bryan and Brent.  Bryan is a high school computer science/college engineering preparation teacher in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Their son Brent is a heating and cooling specialist living in Gallipolis.  Denny and Shirley have six grandchildren.

Denny received his BA from Indiana Christian Univ., in Indianapolis, IN and his Masters Degree (MSL-Counseling) from Louisville Bible College, Louisville, KY.  He has written articles for Christian Standard, Lookout, Restoration Herald, Gospel Defender, Gospel Unashamed and many other periodicals.  For years he wrote a weekly column for the Gallipolis Daily Tribune.  He has also written works on Divorce-Remarriage, Romanism, Inspiration, Women’s Role in the Church, Angels, Cause of Church-splits, and Baptism, “The Barnabas Club” and many others Christian topics.  For several years he had two separate radio programs, “Mid-day Meditations,” and “Possibilities Unlimited,” on the local radio station in Gallipolis, OH

He served as Founding Minister and Senior Evangelist of the Gallipolis Christian Church from 1972 until April 2001 (29 years).  The congregation began with eleven members in a two-car garage and when he retired from that ministry there was a membership of over 350 worshiping in a modern worship area, with a seating capacity of 500 and a record attendance during that period of 506 still stands. From this congregation there have been eight young men ordained into the preaching ministry and about the same number of bi-vocational preachers sharing the Gospel.

Denny likes to bow hunt, fish, golf, and until recently he enjoyed running competitively.  His sense of humor, an inherited personality received from his mother, sometimes finds its way into his messages and he uses this trait unsparingly to make a point.  He uses his sense of humor as an asset in preaching and teaching about Jesus Christ.

He began Barnabas Ministries, a ministry of encouragement to the Lord’s Church, in 2000.  He sees encouragement as much needed ministry and it has provided opportunities, to share the Scriptures.  His Degree in Counseling is drawn upon in his teaching, preaching, and writing.   Because of this it seemed only natural that the ministry be called BARNABAS (Son of Encouragement).  Barnabas Ministries publishes a newsletter bimonthly that carries the title of THE PARAKLETE.  “Paraklete” means, “one who come along side,” or “counselor.” Barnabas Ministries also sponsors an annual convention each February in Pigeon Forge, TN called “Winter Worship and Workshop.”  The theme of that convention always deals with encouragement and is replete with gospel preaching from the best preachers in the brotherhood and singing from many gifted singers and musicians.  This retreat has attracted attendees from all states east of the Mississippi. Barnabas Ministries has grown rapidly since its inception and at present there are 2000 receiving THE PARAKLETE by mail and 400 plus are receiving it electronically. 

Though Denny could have retired after years of ministry, he has chosen to continue until the Lord calls him home or until he is physically unable to continue.  He believes if you are alive, then you should continue to serve others and he feels he is blessed by the privilege of doing so.  Barnabas Ministries was a natural ministry for Denny.  He loves the Lord, His people and His work.

Denny can be reached at his office located at 135 Mitchell Road, Gallipolis, OH, 45631.  Phone 740/446/6929, email: barnabasohio@att.net.  FAX 740/446-6929, home phone 740/446-7318




About Larry Boggs
Trustee, Barnabas Ministries

Larry was born and raised in southern Ohio. He has been in the preaching ministry for 25 years. He serves as the Evangelist of two congregation's in Jackson County Ohio, Hamilton and Antioch Christian Church. Larry studied under Norval Campbell through the Cincinnati Bible Institute. He was introduced to Jesus Christ by one of the most Godly men he knows Hoyt Allen Jr. Larry married his high school sweetheart Debbie in 1978 and this February 25th they will celebrate their 37th year together. They have been blessed with 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Larry also serves as a trustee of Barnabas Ministries.

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